Monday, February 9, 2009

Emergency Post For My Aussie Friends !!!!!!!!!

This is a very important post!!!!

Our Australian friends need our help! There have been DEVASTATING brushfires all over the Victoria region of Australia! These brushfires (most folks believe they are being set) have taken many lives (I believe the expected total so far is 208) and SO many others have lost their homes and all they hold dear.

This has become a monstrous disaster and the Australian people are suffering greatly.

My friend on Redbubble, MT has written a journal post on his RB site and I've copied it here to help reach more people. (I also journaled it on MY RB site as well.)

I hope all the links work, bare with me.

Bushfire Appeal:

Hello one and all.Victoria (one of australia’s states) has had a terrible fire rage through in the last few days, and has had terrible consequences with so far 108 confirmed dead.Anne Van Alkemade has set up a paypal bushfire appeal which you can learn more about HERE this is truly a devastating fire, probably the worst in Australian history – certainly worse than the Ash Wednesday fire in 1983.Australians are known for their genoristy and charity- we as a nation had given so much to the tsunami appeal, the nonsense in burma, even with hurrican katrina – in this time of trouble, it would be nice to see some of that charitable feeling return back this way.RED CROSS DONATION APPEAL HERE

Steven Sandler, another of my RedBubble friends took some terrifying shots of the fires approaching his home. You can see them HERE at his site. Click the 'browse art' link to see the other pictures. AND there is a website set up for donations and aid HERE .
Please...I know this isn't a HUGE blog with tons of followers, but we have a few, and you all have blogs, and friends, and THEY all have blogs and friends. Lets get this information swarming!!!
Thanks you guys.
Love and Light,
UPDATE!!!: Turns out that north and north west Queensland Areas in Austrailia are being devastated by horrible flooding!! What an awful summer for poor Australia!
If you would like info on THAT area or would like to donate to that cause, my good RB friend Dimsim gave me THIS link.
Again, all my happy thoughts, wishes for healing and positive eergy go to the people of Australia during this rough time.


Pink Ink said...

Good grief, flooding AND fires. Thanks for the heads up and links.

Gypsycaster said...

Scary isn't it? I just hope more folks aren't hurt by all of his.
Thanks for popping by Pink!

pinkglitterfae said...

Gypsy I meant to email you when I saw this....I know I am praying for them too during this tragedy.
I found a shop on Etsy that was set up just to help the bushfires, I donated a painting here, and will donate some more. I blogged about it too so people could check it out. It is perfect for those of us with less funds, we can give of our services and help out. Take a peek, they are selling incredibly well:

3 Bay B Chicks said...

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