Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lost track of week numbers...but it's a lot...

Hello greenies, crafties and anyone else crazy enough to keep tabs on this blog even though I am the LEAST reliable blogger in the world!

Sorry for all the lag time...but there's a lot going on in the world...AND in my world.
Not going to bore you with all that tho, so lets just jump in shall we?

So after WEEKS ON END of snow, sleet and freezing rain, here we are in the depths of February and I have all the windows open and even got some outdoor work done!
It's about 60 degrees out there folks, and you better believe I'm loving it! I have NO idea why I keep moving north, when I am SO not fond of cold! FEH!
I'm not getting my hopes up, there's at least 6 more weeks of crap coming, but after a cursory examination of the garden, I'm feeling pretty good.
Aside from probably having to remove more millet than anyone has a right to due to winter bird feeding habits, I think most of my more permanent babies are going to make it. YAY!
That DOES mean scavenging for new pots and such very soon, but it also says a great deal about the tenacity of container gardens.

The plans for this spring are slightly less diverse, yet slightly more ambitious.
I want to make my own rain barrel. The blueprints on are super simple, all I have to do is find a 50 gal barrel that was used for eco fertilizer. That's going to be a hit or miss I think. But If I hit the greenhouses and garden centers around here I have a decent chance.
I also plan on adding a bit of privacy to one side of the porch using wood posts, sheer fabric and rope. It will only be up till fall, but with the wind up here I need to really secure it all. I'll post pics of both of these projects as they progress.

As for food, the usual multiple varieties of tomato, pepper and berries will be doubled this year, and I'm not going to wast materials on the plants I have had no luck with in previous years. I have a plan for corn, but I need to find JUST the right container. Peas and beans and a long pot of carrots will round things out nicely.
The big idea this year, is to trade my produce for other foods. I think I have an in for eggs, now I need to check into bread and cheese.
If I can get a really good crop going I think I can trade with a few of the other gardeners locally for things I won't have, like potatos, squash, brussles sprouts and the like.

Anyone out there who would like to get in on the trade circle, we also trade for honey, jams, salsas etc. As long as they're organic. Let me know if you want in, and I think we can get a really active collective going!
Trade = freedom y'all!

I'm going to try to post again next week....but you all know how I can be....shiny things distract me. LOL!
See you all soon!