Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Just a quick update for all my plant people.
This weather has really altered my ideas about porch planting! Lol!
Through constant insane watering, everything is still alive and producing....but everything but the hot peppers is suffering.
Going from constant rain and madly fluctuating temperatures to intense heat and DRY DRY DRY is really taking a toll. As with everyone else, my tomatoes are refusing to ripen, and my berries are frying no matter the water levels.
The sun out here has never been an issue until this summer. We really only get morning sun, and yet that has been enough to beat the holy handgrenades out of us!
I'm already making plans for next season that do NOT include about half of what I planted this year.
I have some pretty solid ideas about pot size as well.
Bigger pots CAN mean more produce, but they also need much more water and nearly constant attention. *sigh*
By the by.....anyone have an Eco way to get rid of knot weed in my pots!?!?! Arrrrggh!!!
Here's a shot of our newest feature, a really cool fountain!
And one of the damages...

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