Wednesday, March 31, 2010

An Experiment in Responsibility

I'm a bit late in posting this, but those of you that know me, also know I'm late for everything! So since I plan on starting this experiment TOMORROW, I suppose I should post now.

This is going to be a rough one for little consumer me, but I feel I need to at least give it a shot...

As of April first I am beginning a year long experiment in planetary responsibility. I would LOVE to have an organic garden, but I've little space for more than the few veg and herbs I already grow. I would LOVE to move off the grid into an earthship home or at least an eco built home...but alas I suffer from rentersitis. SO many things out there I would love to do for a healthier planet and self....but this will have to suffice. (Along with biking everywhere I can of course!)

What I mean by planetary responsibility is this. I wish to remove myself from the consumer stream as much as is phisically possible. For one whole year, I will purchase nothing new that is not handmade / crafted etc. save for toiletries and underwear. (A girl's gotta have some wiggle room!)
THIS MEANS: if I find myself in need of a 'new' baking dish I will only purchase one from e-bay or the flea market OR a handmade stoneware piece bought DIRECTLY from the maker.
SADLY, as far as my friends and family are concerned, this means any gifts are likely to be handmade pieces. No electronics etc. unless I can trade for them.

To that end I have set up an AWESOME barter page on facebook called Bizarre Barters and Troubling Trades. I had no idea it would grow so quickly, but we already have over 250 members!!!

All kinds of items and services being offered as well! Soaps, baked goods, tarot readings, handmade jewelry, hand knit items, ren and steampunk garb, leather goods, repairs, musicians,'s actually pretty unreal! So between that, etsy for handmade goods and e-bay and the market for recycled and repurposed goods I think I can do this.

At the same time, I plan on cutting down on both the foods I eat from other countries and the amount of packaging I consider acceptable. Buying grains and cereals in bulk is something I have always done, but I hope to expand this to other bulk items.

And eating locally will be easy for the next several months as all the farmers' markets re-open for the season. After November I am SURE this will become more difficult.

SO....the plan is to add to this blog at LEAST once a week as my experiment progresses to make note of all the ups and downs for my own future reference and to entertain anyone else who may pop in.

I'm certain this will be fascinating to watch! LOL!

The first step is to retreive KA (my bike) from storage at my in-law's and set about giving her her yearly tun up MYSELF. Wish me luck!

For to weed my pots in preperation for the upcoming spring growth spurts. My artimesia is already popping!

Back next week!