Wednesday, September 28, 2011

OK, new post time, and this one is really important to me.
I have a chance to actually realise my dream of having my own gallery! Not just my own work, but the work of others who don't regularly get the chance to show. Tattoo art, graphic art, horror art...all kinds of amazing work that tends to make local gallery owners cringe.
I think it's time people got the message: "fine art" is not just landscapes, still-lifes and portraits!

The bad news....I am broke as a joke. LOL!
The good news....through my friends in Hellblinki and This Way to the Egress I discovered an AWESOME program for the arts called "Kickstarter". Folks, this site is fantastic! It's entire purpose is to raise capital for individuals, or groups, that are trying to achieve something new in the arts. Documentary filmmakers, writers, poets, artists, sculptors,'s brilliant! With funding for the arts being cut at every turn, a program like this is perfectly timed.
It doesn't rely on grants, loans or any other type of payback funding. No interest rates, or killer fees.
This program relys on people. The artist's friends, family and peers, even complete strangers with a big heart towards the arts. These people become one's project backers, and as such receive a reward from the artist that goes along with the theme of the project. A piece of art, secret MP3, t-shirt...etc.
.....which brings me to my main reason for this post (ya had to know it was coming!).
Aside from letting all you fine folks know about Kickstarter, which has a TON of great projects that need backing, I would love to introduce y'all to MY pet project:

Now here's how this works. I have a monetary goal of $2,000. and an end date of Halloween around 6pm. IF I reach my goal on time, I get the money for my project and all my backers get their chosen rewards.
If I DON'T reach my goal in time, well I get nothing and my backers keep their cash but get no rewards.
Now, the space I'm supposed to be getting is tiny but really cool....and needs a metric ton of work to be useable.LOL!
It used to be a little diner, so it needs: a new floor, a new back wall, all new wiring and lighting, new plumbing, paint, a new door.....all that stuff. So reaching that goal in time is REALLY important to me. It's the only way I'm ever going to be able to afford to fix the place up.

SO....on that note....HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PLEASE consider being a patron for the arts! (You can back for as little as $1 all the way up to $500 or more. Heck, if all my facebook friends backed for $2. a piece I'll hit my goal in a flash!!
I'll post updates as they happen, but for now I'll back away from the keyboard slowly and wait.