Tuesday, April 29, 2008

For my hubby.....

I know he never reads these things, but I feel the need to say some things about my hubby.

No one, ever, in my whole life has been as wonderful, sweet and supportive as him.

Now don't get me wrong, this isn't just going to be some rembling Hallmark card of a post, there are some things I need him, and you, to know.

I posted a little while ago about the nature of lust, and I think I need to clarify a few things.
I posted that it was in the nature of all humans to lust after the things they don't have....I never meant that the things people DO have are any less amazing. Case in point....I have a 'thing' for a 5'6" Japanese actor. This is the polar opposite from my 6'3 1/2" blonde Viking hubby!!! The fact that I find someone (famous btw) attractive who looks nothing like my sexy hubby does NOT mean that I find him less hot. NO WAY!! I got lucky folks! My hubby is H.O.T.!!!
(And smart, funny, brilliant, creative,loving, sensative, etc. etc.)
So anyway...this is just a little tribute to the man who not only improved, but completed my life when he asked me to marry him.
And now...maybe someone who doesn't have HIM can have a new lust.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Zazzle!!! So cool!

So I now have a Zazzle site (see the link?)
I'm pretty amazed. It's awesome! If you don't want to buy original art, say it's too pricy or you just want a nice print, button or mug....(or tie, apron, shirt, mouse pad, whatever) you can now find my really snazzy pop art images on zazzle.com ! I don't have a ton on offer yet, but I'm starting off with buttons. They're small, cheap and everyone has at least one somewhere!
So check it out! And if you happen to be one of my artsy friends from Etsy or Redbubble, check into opening a gallery there. Listings are free, and you can make almost anything!
I'm still doing research on how the royalties work, but I'll keep ya posted.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Little More Shameless Self-promotion...

So about that ACEO book I mentioned....The presale copies are ready for ordering at a discounted price through the "ACEO Book" link over there to the right and down a bit, or through Art2theextreme's etsy shop !! There is also a pair of donation links on the blog page for the student copies of the book. You can either donate a whole copy of the book to one of the students involved and have a little "Thank You" plate put into it with your name and all, or you can donate $5 towards the purchase of a copy for one of the students involved. Both options are through Paypal and will help to make sure the young artists we're working with each get a copy of a real, published art book with their own work in it! (Pretty cool no?)
Anyhoo....all links for the donations and the presale copies are linked over there -------->
under "ACEO Book".
Pop buy and help keep the arts alive in our schools!!!