Saturday, November 22, 2008

Getting 'Out There' With My Art

WOW!! This art thing is complicated!
Not the art itself, that's the fun part.....but the whole "putting yourself out there" thing is scary as hell!!!
AND Very complicated!
But I'm working on it.
The fall / winter '08 edition of 'Create Collect Trade' is in the final editing stages! No news yet on when it will be completed, but the blog is the place (aside from here of course) to keep an eye out for the dates.
I have also begun a partnership with the owner of Esque Embroidery!!
She creates codes for computer embroidery machines based on the works of different artists, and she has asked for a few of my pieces!!
My 'Lydie Plays Hide and Seek' is even on the front page of her site! (Along with a pair of eyes taken from one of my pieces and then mirrored.) Cool no?
The site itself is still under construction, but should be up and running soon. She has corralled some REALLY cool artists too! So if you're tired of the same ol' thing for your machine, check her out!!!
AND....if you happen to be in the New Hope PA or Lambertville NJ area in the next 3 weeks or so, stop by the New Hope PA Starbucks for a coffee! Then go into their back lounge an check out some of my ORIGINAL artwork hanging in their gallery!!!
I must say, I'm pretty excited about that! The traffic in a Starbucks FAR out paces any art gallery! (Hopefully I'll post some pics after the weekend.)
A few of my pieces have even been featured in groups and won challenges on my gallery site! Boy was THAT cool! (I'm most proud, just now, of "Blue: So Innocent". She's pretty good if I DO say so myself! LOL!
As for my knitting....well let's just say I'm glad I do it for the enjoyment and NOT the money! LOL!
Etsy is the greatest site I've ever used, either for buying or selling. A fantastic tool all around...but between the economy, and having a day job that limits my time promoting in the forums and all.....well I'm not one of their 'Top Sellers'.
In fact...I'm not sure most of the buyers even know I exist!
('Cept Puss Daddy...yay Puss!!!)
So I keep pluggin away for the love of the hobby, and I keep posting for sale the lovely things I make...toiling away in relative obscurity.....
Just like everyone else! :D


BooHooHoo said...

That's right, just keep plugging away. Don't be so hard on yourself. Have a nice day, PussDaddy

Gypsycaster said... KNOW you're my hero!!!