Thursday, December 4, 2008


Keep an eye on this blog!!!
Starting after the hellidayze I'm going to start pulling pieces from my very own Etsy favourites to drool over, discuss and show off to the universe!!!

Yes, I know that'll be tempting fate as far as other humans buying MY faves...but I just GOTTA share some of this stuff!!!
People need to know!!!
YOU people need to know!!!

I am also thinking of running a monthly contest !!!
(probably some trivia thing)
I need ideas about prizes tho....custom ACEO??
Scarf from the shop?
CUSTOM scarf??
A great big fluffy Bloop alien?

..................oh wait....I'm the only one who knows about them...


pinkglitterfae said...

you know I'll be watching!! How awesome to have a chance to win a big fluffy bloop alien- oops! shouldn't have mentioned that...
love your idea about the monthly contest, I have to say I love your scarfs,they'd make a wonderful prize, especially for those of us freezing our buns off in the wilds of Canada :-D

Gypsycaster said...

LMAO!!!! At least they feel loved!!! Bloops are usually very lonely!
Thanks! One vote for the scarf thing! Coooool!

Giftbearer said...

Great idea!

PK said...

Great Ideas, it's nice to rant and rave about our own work too, since we're always supporting others. You go girl. rock on and keep me posted. Pk