Sunday, November 16, 2008

What The Devil Is Going On Today????

(I'm trying out a new font colour for a friend!)

OK....I got up this morning in a SPECTACULAR mood! I was really happy! Everything is still crappy money and time wise, but Hubby and I had a great night in with friends last night, and spent yesterday hashing some wierdnesses out, so I awoke this morning with a great sense of 'rightness' and optimism.....clearly that was a mistake!
At about 10 am the severe winds began to blow all the stuff on our porch around....then (just AFTER the coffee finished thank the Gods) the water in our building cut out.
4th time this fall.
We have a sink FULL of breakfast dishes, two bathroom using humans and 3 other bathroom using humans coming over for gaming later.

This is very high on the list of suck my friends.
Very high indeed.
The property manager says that there MIGHT be a plumber coming by this evening, but that it's after hours for him, so HE won't be here to deal with said plumber.......
I was pretty sure that the job of property manager was to manage the property.
Especially when the rent paying occupants are so prone to FLIPPING THE HELL OUT!!!!!
Sorry......I'm mean from a lack of water.
Also.....3 cups of nice strong coffee and a cheese omlet = a need for a working loo!

The property manager ALSO says that @ 3pm they'll turn the water back on for a half hour before he goes for the day, so we can get things done.
Sink full of dishes....2 showers....filling jugs for the toilet......GO!
I GOTTA move back to a city.
Property manager has a very different meaning there.
So does flipping out...

(OH! AND on top of everything else...our Virgin mobile service which we've had for years and has NEVER given us any out. No clue why. The crazy chick at their help center... (HA!) says it's probably because our phones are old. We "need to buy new phones."....WITH WHAT FOR MONEY?!?!?!!?)

OK....rant over.

For now.


pinkglitterfae said...

gypsty that sucks! I can't believe they would leave you without water till tomorrow. If your friends come over and it is still out, just send them outside by the bushes, lol.
Well, that will teach you to wake up in a good mood ;-D

Gypsycaster said...

The boys did rather well...they never seem to have a problem with going outside! LOL!
And the water cam on about 9ish, so I could do dishes while hubby did homework.
But man! What a day!
Our phones started working at about 9am too...maybe yesterday just didn't exist???

Xylia said...

I hate it so much when the water's off. All I can think about doing is laundry, dishes, having tea or coffee, bathing...whatever needs water to be done. Glad it came back on that night.