Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Favourite Things : Part One

ACEOs....ah how I love them! The most amazing little things!

(Steve In the Snow by bluedogrose.etsy.com )

I collect them, I make them....I love to look at them.

At a mere 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" in size, the ACEO is one of the most interesting forms of SFA or small format artwork. (ACEO = Art Cards Editions and Originals by the way.)

An artist can put as much or as little detail as they like into this tiny space, in any medium imaginable.

This one is made almost entirely from polymer clay and is called "Honey Bee Baby" by MandarinMoon.etsy.com . --->

I have in my personal collection, collage pieces, wooden pieces, stained glass pieces, oil paintings, acrylic paintings...even a shrink plastic piece! (That one is by the wonderful Liz Staley, who will be the focus of my first "Cool People" post next week sometime!)

<----Mad Girl's Love Song by Eluneth.etsy.com and Primal Scream by HealingExpressions.etsy.com

An affordable way to collect original artwork or limited edition prints, ACEOs take up very little space. I have 2 wall frames that hold 8 ACEOs each and I rotate out pieces as I like. I also have two on easels on my tv console and a lovely photo album with the bulk of my collection in trading card sleeves.

<------That's one of mine! A Firey Temperment by gypsycaster.etsy.com

So, if you love art of all kinds, but are on a tight budget or in tight quarters....or maybe you just like little things, ACEOs are for you! Please check out not only the artists mentioned here, but all the other amazingly talented people out there branching out into this fascinating medium. You'll be surprised at the amount of detail, and talent, you can squeeze into 2 1/2" x 3 1/2"!!!!


YarnCoture said...

Wow! You have inspired me to take a deeper look into these!

Gypsycaster said...

Fantastic!!! I love exposing new people to ACEOs! Watch out tho...they're totally addictive!

pinkglitterfae said...

I love ACEOs too! So many I have on my wish list....
that baby bee is the coolest thing I ever saw! Is is in your collection?
It makes me want to expand into using clay more in my work :-)