Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Little More Shameless Self-promotion...

So about that ACEO book I mentioned....The presale copies are ready for ordering at a discounted price through the "ACEO Book" link over there to the right and down a bit, or through Art2theextreme's etsy shop !! There is also a pair of donation links on the blog page for the student copies of the book. You can either donate a whole copy of the book to one of the students involved and have a little "Thank You" plate put into it with your name and all, or you can donate $5 towards the purchase of a copy for one of the students involved. Both options are through Paypal and will help to make sure the young artists we're working with each get a copy of a real, published art book with their own work in it! (Pretty cool no?)
Anyhoo....all links for the donations and the presale copies are linked over there -------->
under "ACEO Book".
Pop buy and help keep the arts alive in our schools!!!

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