Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hit My Links !!!

Have you noticed the cool little list of links over there on the right ? No, down a bit...there! That is a list of some of the COOLEST artist blogs and sites on the web! Some of them have talents and pieces you'd never imagine....
Take for instance Blue Heron's a link to Etsy's own blueheronkate! She of the awesome Camel ACEOs! But did you know she also makes the most amazing painted floor cloths ? S'true! They look like mosaics or hand knotted rugs. Mad talent that girl!
Or the link for Light Me...that leads to Liz Staley's site. Not only a mistress of all that is nerdy...she's also an awesome artist and writer!
So take a chance and visit some of the links you see....even if you can't tell who or what it may lead to....'s part of the fun you see.....

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