Wednesday, April 23, 2014

 So, as promised here are some pics of me and the rest of the Karnevil Krewe Hard at work....ok...well....mostly hard at work. LOL!

To the right you will see all my stage finery, acting as human target for my partner Arson. Our whip show is pretty awesome if I do say so myself, and Arson is wonderful to work with. Perfect aim and a FANTASTIC Talker. (NEVER call him a "barker"'s a horrible insult in the sideshow world!)

 And here we have myself, Snidely (our Strongman) and Arson (our headman plus SO much more)
We are usually far more personable...but it was after a loooong show and the photographer actually WANTED us all to flip him off. (Love ya James Moore!)

 Our new bannerline....all personalised rather than generic and all hand painted by yours truly!
Arson likes to joke "Snidely's mustache not to scale....Gypsy totally to scale."
Yes folks...I'm freaking short......
 This is Snidely doing his thing next to my beloved ladder of swords! (Which he designed and built btw!)
Aaaaannd a little more of my banner work.
(plug plug plug)
Lastly (but never least).....our headman.
Whip artiste, blockhead (not an insult but a job title), escapologist, magician and all around charmer.
He and I started on this crazy journey almost 3 years ago, and through thick and thin, poor and flush, best of friends or ready to kill one another we have stuck to it.
Boss....I just wanna say....
Thanks for everything!
I love ya, ya big jerk!

(AND big ups to BabsWhoTakesPictures and Bruce Hockenbury for the awesome shots!)

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