Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Experiment, Week Two

Well, two weeks and no one's dead. I swear, quitting smoking was easier than this.

The more I research, the more I dig, the more there is to research and dig! It's insane! I am POSITIVE everyone in the universe has written a paper, book, pamphlet, thesis or flyer on the subject of nutrition and all it's offshoots. I don't think I'll ever know for sure about any of this, but I'm more than willing to drag you all along as I try!

OK....first things first. Goodwill was pretty much a wash. There was a decent clothing selection, but housewares was a little scary. I think it gets picked through pretty thuroughly. I found ZERO items on my list. But, I wasn't just counting on that. I popped down to ye olde flea market this morning, (yay for living this close!) and found 3 items right away! A really nice glass baking dish, some magazine holders, and a cool new planter. I dug around and found some great steampunk items for my Hatter hat too...$1 each. Tres cool. So I actually have higher hopes as far as the purchase of items goes.......
This has never been the issue I suppose.......
Once again, however, food is a HUGE issue. Organic, local, non-gmo AND affordable are so not a package deal. In fact, they are more often than not completely seperate entities. Not even introduced. Gah.

(I'm going to start including some links in these posts, just to save others the pain and suffering! LOL!)

So...the soy issue. (Thank you Dria for yet ANOTHER thing for me to be nurotic about! LOL! MUAH!) I LOVE my tofu. And if ya want to make me really happy during amovie, give me a bowl of edamame in pods to pop and eat. Well now it seems this may not be the best idea. -sigh- Another thing my hubby was probably right about. He always told me soy was 'bad for guys', and I believed him on that. After all, soy raises estrogen levels. But for the same reasons I always thought it was GOOD for women. We NEED estrogen right?

Well there's normal estrogen, and toxic level estrogen.
WHAAAAAT!??!?!?! There is no way for me to keep up with all this!

So I did some research, and some digging.....and some more research, and some MORE digging. Guess what I found.


Soy is good; soy is bad; soy is DEADLY toxic for infants; soy causes cancer; soy cures heart disease; it's good for blood sugar issues; it's BAD for blood sugar issues; it's almost always geneticlly modified; it's rarely genetically modified.....and all this without going into the FACT that a HUGE number of people are allergic to it, but not in the usual 'swollen face, anaphalactic shock, kind of sneaky, thyroid issue, adrenal gland issue kind of ways.

So I'm no closer to an answer for myself than I was before.

Do I steer clear of soy altogether, just to be safe? (whimper)

Or do I continue to dig?

Well duh! I dig of course!

So this is yet another topic I will add to this project. (If you're keeping count, that's 4 now.)

As for the rest of y'all....well here's a start. Use the link Dria posted to last week's blog and check out the soy sitch on your own.

As for the GMO thing (genetically modified organisims), use this link to a really handy shopping guide. You can save it or print it...very printer friendly by the way, then use it to avoid GMOs if they freak you out.

They freak me out.

A lot.

(I'm anti franken-carrot)

And for all you gardeners out there who are freaked out by all the GMO seeds...below you will find a list of BAD (gmo using) seed companies, followed by a list of GOOD (no gmo) seed companies. Hope this helps.

As for food....well I guess I get to read more labels
.........................................and take more Advil.

(ALSO, very cool new label to keep an eye out for. This one on coffee. Besides 'shade grown' and 'organic' and 'free trade' now look for the 'safe for migratory birds' label. Yes folks, there IS one. This info is from my friend Braidy and the Smithsonian. So add it to the list! LOL!)

(This list has been compiled by some diligent mothering gardeners. If you have any corrections or additions post them here.)

* Territorial Seeds* Totally Tomato* Vermont Bean Seed Co.* Burpee* Cook's Garden* Johnny's Seeds* Earl May Seed* Gardens Alive* Lindenberg Seeds* Mountain Valley Seed* Park Seed* T&T Seeds* Tomato Growers Supply* Willhite Seed Co.* Nichol’s* Rupp* Osborne* Snow* Stokes* Jungs* R.H. Shumway* The Vermont Bean Seed Company* Seeds for the World* Seymour's Selected Seeds* HPS* Roots and Rhizomes* McClure and Zimmerman Quality Bulb Brokers* Spring Hill Nurseries* Breck's Bulbs* Audubon Workshop* Flower of the Month Club* Wayside Gardens* Park Bulbs* Park's Countryside Garden


I also want to share a list of Monsanto-free seed companies/labels-

Sand Hill Preservation CenterSeeds of ChangeSeed Saver's ExchangeRenee's GardenBaker Creek Seed Co.Peaceful Valley Farm SupplyAbundant Life SeedsUnderwood Garden SeedsBountiful GardensKitchen Garden SeedsHigh Mowing SeedsHeirloom Acres SeedsGarden City SeedsTomato FestMountain Rose HerbsSouthern ExposureAmishland SeedsTiny SeedsLocal HarvestHeirloom SeedsFedco Seed Co.Diane's Flower Seeds (she has veggies now, too)Wood Prairie FarmVictory SeedsWildseed FarmsHorizon Herbs


kaija said...

i researched EVERYTHING related to babies to "do the right thing" with Maddox. and i learned the same thing you learned about soy... that being the findings of each expert is directly contradicted by another expert. so, if *you* find any info more heavily weighted to one side than the other, please make sure to share.
that being said, i think you shouldn't make yourself crazy with the soy issue. it's gotta be one of those "everything in moderation" sort of foods, i feel.
good luck with your foodie endeavours!

Anonymous said...

There's so much contradictory info about soy, but also lots of other stuff to eat, so we play it safe here. We're already dealing with lots of food sensitivities, and it's a fairly common allergen - plus if you're trying to avoid GMO foods, most soy is also GMO now.

Still following along!

Sean Yates said...

You'll find a lot of contradictory info on soy, depending on what corporate interest is funding the research. :) Some people avoid soy like it's kryptonite while still eating other foods that are proven to be bad for you. Cheese is a good example of food that does more harm than good, but that doesn't seem to deter most people from eating it.

Gypsycaster said...

Well....I can't say anything about cheese...cheese is my downfall....never met a cheese I didn't like! LOL!
But yes, you're all seems like everyone has an opinion and they're all different.

As for the baby thing, so far as I can tell, once you start using formula it depends upon the baby. Some are VIOLENTLY reactive to milk products, but soy seems fine. For others it's the opposite.

I checked out the non gmo food list tho, and they have sources and brands listed for both non gmo tofu AND non gmo baby food! Hooray!

Kristin said...


I work with Burpee, and wanted to respond to your post. Please be advised that Burpee does NOT sell GMO seed. Burpee's sister company, The Cook's Garden, also does NOT sell GMO seed. Please see a formal statement from Burpee below. I hope this helps. Best of luck with your gardens.

Burpee is the nation's leading purveyor of both heirloom and hybrid vegetable seeds and mail order transplants. Burpee has never bred or sold GMO seeds and does not intend to do so in the future.

Burpee was founded in 1876 by seed pioneer W. Atlee Burpee. Today, the company remains privately owned by George Ball, a third generation seedsman, who serves as Chairman and CEO of W. Atlee Burpee & Co. and is past president of The American Horticultural Society. For more information, please visit our company history page here.

Gypsycaster said...

Wow! Thanks Kristin! Great to hear! I was a bit upset about that actually, as Burpee is one of the companys I tend to get seeds from. I am VERY happy to hear they don't mess with GMO. I will add a heads up about that in my post next wednesday.

kristin.grilli said...

You are welcome. Good luck with your garden this year. :)

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, may all your wishes come true!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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